“Bubbles and Crises: The Role of House Prices and Credit”
Journal of Applied Econometrics 2016, Vol. 31(7): 1291–1311
With André K. Anundsen, Karsten Gerdrup, and Frank Hansen

Working Papers

“Removing the Mortgage Interest Deductibility: Policies and Welfare Effects”
(New version coming soon)
With Markus Karlman and Karin Kinnerud

Work in Progress

“What Are the Distributional Effects of Reducing Household Debt?”
With Markus Karlman and Karin Kinnerud

“Capital Depreciation in the Short and Long Run”


“Transmission Channels from High Household Debt to Bank Losses”
Norges Bank Staff Memo 9/2014
With Haakon Solheim

“What Do Banks Lose Money on during Crises?”
Norges Bank Staff Memo 3/2014
With Haakon Solheim